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Kim Robinson

Founder & CEO

Our brand emerged from a personal mission to soothe and heal. Faced with the challenge of dry, sensitive skin, I embarked on a journey to unearth the secrets of natural skincare. This quest was fueled by a transformative experience with a natural lotion, a gift that sparked a deeper exploration into the world of organic remedies. Through dedicated research and training, LuBella Botanicals was born - a harmonious blend of care, science, and nature.

Our Inspiration

LuBella Botanicals is not just a name; it's a tribute. Inspired by the unwavering support and wisdom of my beloved mother, "LulaBelle".  Our brand embodies the spirit of patience, perseverance, and the nurturing power of nature. My journey, guided by my mother's encouragement, culminated in a line of products that resonate with care, quality, and the gentle touch of a mother's love.

LuBella Botanical's Pledge

Our Mission

​At LuBella Botanicals, we believe in the healing power of nature.  We honor my mother's legacy by using eco-friendly ingredients like plant root powders for coloring our soaps, ensuring each product is as safe as it is effective.  We believe in the nurturing power of nature.  Our collection of natural and organic bath and body products, including deluxe soaps, scrubs, butters, and oils, is crafted to offer relief and rejuvenation for those battling dry, sensitive skin.

Our Promise

​​​​Every product from LuBella Botanicals is a reflection of our dedication to quality, environmental consciousness, and the nurturing spirit of the name it bears. We strive to create products that not only care for the skin but also tell a story of love, encouragement, and the healing power of nature.​​

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