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The black heritage collection

Our latest collection was created in honor of Black History.  It features four new candles: Dignity, Brilliance, Ingenuity and Grace.

Ingenuity & Brilliance


Inventors and engineers.  Creatives and entrepreneurs.  Thought leaders and change makers.  We celebrate the genius of Black people.  Our innovations have created trends, disrupted industries, and generated wealth.


As bright as the flame from a candle, Black brilliance has helped to shape the world around us.  There is no limit to the power of the light when it shines from deep within.

Dignity & Grace


Dignity is defining your own identity, creating your own style, and believing in yourself irrespective of how society tries to name you.  This has always been the witness of Black people who have faced challenges and setbacks but always made a way with their heads held high.


Sometimes it's not what you do but how you do it.  Poise, finesse, charm, respect, flow, smoothness, all in a word - grace.  We celebrate Black culture that has embodied grace, offered grace, and been shaped by grace.

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