Coconut milk soap cleanses and moisturizes your hands and body with rich, long-lasting lather.  All of our natural soaps are handmade with high quality plant-based, natural and organic oils, butters and root powders.  Natural and organic root powders are used as natural colorants for our soaps.  Rich, warm tropical notes of tamarind, mandarin, red currant with a hint of vanilla enriched with soothing coconut milk completes this luxurious bath bar.   Our natural soaps are packaged in eco-friendly, cotton muslin bags.

Tropical Dreams Coconut Milk Bath Bar (Vegan)

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  • 1.  Coconut Milk - Effectively cleanses while preserving skin's natural hydration.  Moisturizing properties, can soothe and help promote healthy, glowing skin.

    2.  Avocado Butter - Soothes and conditions the skin.  Contains omega 9, vitamins C&E that can help boost the production of collagen and soothe inflammatiion.