This natural soap is scented  with sweet, slightly herbaceous lavender and notes of woody, sweet and spicy patchouli essential oils.  Evening primrose, Aloe vera leaf juice and coconut oil provides a creamy, rich lather as it cleanses and hydrates your skin.  Alkanet root powder is infused in our oils creating light hues of purple.  

Lavender+Patchouli Bath Soap (Vegan)

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  • 1.  Aloe Vera Leaf Juice - Anti-inflammatory properties that help eliminate skin skin dryness.  Contain polysaccharides that encourage regeneration of skin tissue.

    2.  Evening Primrose Oil - A good source of gamma linoleic fatty acids (aka-vitamin F) which helps skin strenghten its barrier function to effectively keep water in and irritants out.

    3.  Grapeseed Oil - Antioxidant and inflammatory properties.  Natural moisturizing benefits.  Safe for sensitive skin.