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From: Lauren

Amazing products! I buy at least one candle each month. I've used the body butters, lotions and foot scrub and am hooked.

From: Sandra

I absolutely LOVE LOVE Lubella Botanicals Products, The Tropical Dreams Organic Body Oil leaves my skin feeling Amazing!! The Whipped body butter, Handmade Soaps and natural deodorants are all great products that will definitely keep you coming back!!

From: Ayesha

Absolutely LOVE these products!! Amazing fragrances, soaps with great silky finishes, and the candles are better than any candle I’ve purchased from competitors!

From: Tamara

I’ve switched from Bath and Body Works bar soaps to Tropical Dreams almost 2 years ago. I layer with the Tropical Dreams oil & organic deodorant stick after showering. It’s pleasantly scented and leaves my skin super soft 24 hrs. 5stars!

From: LaDonna

If I had to pick a favorite product I couldn’t because I love so many of them! I love that the products are all natural and hand made. It gives me joy to support local entrepreneurs especially when the products are phenomenal. Before switching to all natural deodorant, I suffered from lumps in my armpits. Commercial deodorant was the cause after using the natural deodorant the lumps dissolved. I will continue to use this product and o am happy I made the choice to go natural!

From: Linda M.

I have 3 different fragrances of the candles love them they burn very well. Have also the soap and the oil.. both work well together ❤going to get the body cream.. that will have a wonderful layering effect! The products that I have now.. I'm very happy with them..looking forward to trying her other they're all NATURAL!!



From: Mr. S. Omobude

My wife is a fan of this company and I understand why. My wife suggested a candle as a gift for a coworkers birthday and it was well received and complimented for the scent and how long burned. My personal experience with the soap has made me a fan also. After shaving my face sometimes becomes irritated. After using the soap and noticing it didn’t inflame my skin I immediately became a fan too.

From: Vanessa

I have enjoyed purchasing your products for 3 years now. Some of my favorites are the Nature’s Glory, Lavender, Tropical Dreams and the Lemongrass Soaps. My most recent purchase was the Tropical Dreams Gift Trio which had my favorite soap, a wonderful body oil, and a candle that smells fantastic and gives a long, clean burn!! I am so glad you added the candles to your product line and can’t wait to try some of the other scents!! Thank You so much!

From: Elsie

I am so glad to have discovered LuBella Botanicals! After a long 12 hour shift, I have certainly look forward to the fresh soothing aroma of a relaxing hot bath. LuBella has helped me create my personal spa experience in the privacy and convenience of my own home. Now that's a thrill! And the products are affordable! So far, I have enjoyed the clean feel of the natural bar soap and herbal body oil. I'm going to purchase a few of those fall candles too. I enjoy pampering myself, and LuBella has a sincere interest in providing quality products to meet my needs. I am looking forward to experiencing more of their products on a continual basis. Thanks LuBella!

Walter J.

I've been shopping with Lubella Botanicals for almost a year and I have to tell you that I'm satisfied with their soaps and deodorant. Especially the tropical dreams deodorant. Keep me dry all day and it smells good. Her soaps are very good as well, they have you feeling clean to the touch. My favorite is the Lemongrass + coconut milk bar.

From: Sharron

LuBella products are amazing! I particularly love the Lavender and Patchouli Deodorant, it glides on easily and lasts all day. The soaps are creamy and makes your skin soft and creamy! All handmade products with natural ingredients that are environmentally friendly. Being able to support a local business is also very important. Thanks I will be a returning customer!!!

From: Paulette B.

I love the products especially the vegan soap and the candles smell great also.

Wilma B.

The candles are so wonderful. The fragrance continues the life of the candle and the fragrances do not over power your room. Wonderful investment in joy for your room.

Julie G.

I have been a repeat customer of lubellabotanicals in fact I purchased a double order this time. The product is natural and smells so fresh and clean, in addition so moisturizing. My fav is the lavender body butter. I can’t say enough about the excellent customer service and the fact that they want honest feedback.

Felicia B.

I love the candles! I've bought several and continue to buy. The fragrance is soft and relaxing and they burn evenly. I can't wait for my next order!

Sheri B.

hi, I purchased a candle from you at the holidays, at a craft market. it was VERY expensive for the small size, but you assured me that it was worth it, because it is SO loaded with a LOT of scent. Unless I am DIRECTLY over the candle with my nose about an inch away from the wick, I can't smell it AT ALL. I have purchased better candles at TJ Maxx for $12 that smell stronger! Just thought you should know...sincerely, really disappointed customer

Response from Kim R.:

Hi Sheri, Thank You for your feedback. At LuBella Botanicals we strive very hard to make every customer experience with our products enjoyable, so I apologize for not meeting your expectations at this time. It was an uncommon instance and we will use this feedback to help make us better and to ensure this doesn’t happen again.  Respectfully, Kim Robinson- CEO

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